How do you say "Sassenach"?

Here's a wonderful St. Andrew's Day present from Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser in the upcoming OUTLANDER TV series on STARZ.

Have you ever wondered how to pronounce "Sassenach"?  Watch this.

I loved this, and I think you will, too. <g> (If you look carefully, you'll see the triangular scar on his throat, left by Jack Randall during their first encounter at Lallybroch.)

Diana Gabaldon's comment on Twitter: "All I'll say about [this video] is... I Told You So."

Here are the other videos in this series:

Speak OUTLANDER: Craigh na Dun

Speak OUTLANDER: Mo nighean donn


time traveler said...

Just turned my new computer on and look what I found! That was awesome! Thanks for sharing Karen.

Cwessels said...


Stephbo said...

I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've watched this video. *fanning myself furiously*

Susie O. said...

Oh that was awesome, I just love to hear Jaime talk.

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