Diana Gabaldon visits the set of OUTLANDER!

Diana Gabaldon is in Scotland this week, visiting the set of the OUTLANDER TV series!

Diana will be making a cameo appearance in this week's episode, although we don't know what scene it will be in. But we do know she was fitted for an 18th-century costume. Here's a behind-the-scenes look (from Diana's Facebook page) at some of the costumes.

Diana commented on Facebook last night:

All the people there [in the Costume department] were wonderful, and did a FABULOUS job on my costume. It’s Just Beautiful, and they did the fitting with remarkable skill—though I suppose they do have quite a lot of practice by now…

I can’t show you my costume, but I can tell you that wearing stays is something like wearing armor. Small projectiles bounce off them, and you have Really Good Posture, perforce.

You can see more photos from Diana's visit to Scotland on the official OUTLANDER STARZ Instagram page.

Can you imagine what a thrill this must be for Diana, to see her story coming to life? I hope she has an AMAZING week!


Christiane said...

Thinking that Diana wrote Outlander to "see" what it's to write a novel like...and that no one was supposed to read it !! What about that ?

KathM said...

Anyone want to guess what role Diana is playing? Will guess ???

Lady Annabelle???

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