OUTLANDER TV series update!

Here are a few updates about the OUTLANDER TV series.

1) First of all, check out this wonderful photo, which was posted yesterday by STARZ as a Valentine's Day gift to the fans. <g> (Click on the photo for a bigger view.) This is almost certainly the scene where Claire tends Jamie's shoulder after they arrive at Castle Leoch, where she sees his scars for the first time.

2) Diana Gabaldon posted a long explanation on her Facebook page about international availability of the OUTLANDER TV series, and related topics.  I would really encourage you to take the time to read the whole thing!

3) There has been some speculation that Blackness Castle (shown above; photo by 4652 Paces, on Flickr) may be used as the location for Fort William in the TV series. Apparently Blackness Castle will be closed to visitors from February 17 - March 14, but I have no further details. You can see more information about Blackness Castle here. Judging from the photos, it looks just perfect for the scenes at Fort William.

4) The OUTLANDER TV series will be shown on Foxtel's SoHo channel in Australia. Look here for the official announcement.

5) If you missed Diana Gabaldon's account of her visit to the set last week, look here.

For more information about the OUTLANDER TV series, see my FAQ page here.

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