New release date for German edition

Attention German fans! The publication of the German edition of Diana Gabaldon's WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD, titled EIN SCHATTEN VON VERRAT UND LIEBE, has been delayed until 21 July 2014.

The official announcement was posted today on Diana Gabaldon's German website. Please read the full explanation, from Diana Gabaldon and Barbara Schnell, her German translator.

I know Barbara worked very, very hard to get the translation finished on time.  I'm sure a lot of German fans will be disappointed by the delay, but this decision was made by the publisher, and it's not something that either Diana or Barbara have any control over.

Please help spread the word to any German fans you may know. Thanks.

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Nenya said...

I don't mind that it's a bit later. At least we get it this year and I think the cover is lovely.

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