OUTLANDER Casting: Steven Cree as Ian Murray!

Scottish actor Steven Cree has been cast as Jamie Fraser's best friend, Ian Murray, in the OUTLANDER TV series!

The casting people have done an excellent job, as usual.  I think Steven Cree will do just fine as Ian.  He has a gentle voice, and a good-humored face. And Sam Heughan commented on Twitter that he's known Steven for years. I think it's good that Sam and Steven already know each other; that's bound to help them make Jamie and Ian's friendship even more real and convincing on-screen.
In spite of the limp, he moved youthfully. In fact, as he drew near to the arbor,  I could see that he was only in his twenties. He was tall, nearly as tall as Jamie, but much narrower through the shoulder, thin, in fact, nearly to the point of skinniness.

He paused at the entrance to the arbor, leaning heavily on the lattice, and looked in at me with interest. Thick brown hair fell smoothly over a high brow, and deepset brown eyes held a look of patient good humor.

The voices of Jamie and his sister had risen while I waited outside. The windows were open to the warm weather, and the disputants were quite audible from the arbor, though not all the words were clear.

"Interfering, nosy bitch!" came Jamie's voice, loud on the soft evening air.

"Havena the decency to..." His sister's reply was lost in a sudden breeze.

The newcomer nodded easily toward the house.

"Ah, Jamie's home, then."

(From OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon, chapter 26, "The Laird's Return". Copyright© 1991 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.)
I can't wait to see that scene on TV! <g>

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Peggy Schroetter said...

He is perfect. Just how I pictured Ian in my mind.

Sunshineyness said...

Imdb is listing him as episodes 9 and ten... leading me to confirm my suspicions they'll air the first 8 episodes in the "summer" (since Starz seems intent on the summer release) and then hold off the back 8 for later. Again confirming the cliffhanger for episode 8 is going to Lollybroch, which is a nice natural season break.

This is just my speculation- just based on the production schedule and Starz's usual patterns.

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