OUTLANDER opening title sequence!

Here's the long-awated opening title sequence for the OUTLANDER TV series

I like it very much! It's visually interesting, promising lots of action, in a variety of different settings. I like that they included a bit of 18th century medicine (I actually flinched the first time I saw that needle piercing flesh <g>). So many wonderful little details: Frank's car, the stag, that close-up view of a dirk, the dancers at Craigh na Dun.... just like Diana's books, there are so many details here that you can't take it all in at once! <g> So I find myself watching it over and over again.

The song is hauntingly beautiful, and very fitting. The STARZ press release calls it:

an arrangement of the “Skye Boat Song” by Emmy-award winning composer Bear McCreary featuring the vocals of songstress Raya Yarbrough.

I'm familiar with "The Skye Boat Song", but I'd never heard these lyrics before. Sort of a modern (but not TOO modern!) take on a traditional Scottish tune. And it's definitely a catchy tune, a melody that sticks in your head long after you hear it. In a good way. <vbg>

I give this opening title sequence an enthusiastic THUMBS UP!! What about the rest of you?


Unknown said...

i'm still a mess after hearing it and especially after watching the opening credits.

My take on it:
I loved the acapella opening paired with the stag visual, and as the song gained ground so did the various scenes showing a mix of future/present.
The lyrics were haunting and could be interpreted from different POV's, Frank's, Jamie's and Claire's.
Like I said, I'm a mess every time I listen to it because I visualise three people losing a huge part of themselves.
btw great post!


Nenya said...

I can't watch it. :(

leaves on the Raney Tree said...

It's everything one would want - except, they never went to Skye. It's going to be a couple of books before knowledge of the Prince fleeing there comes in - if at all. But it is riveting. Sye Boat Song always one of my favorite tunes; I have it by various musicians. I think if was composed by a woman in 1888 or thereabouts.

Frannie said...

Yes, a big thumbs up! As mentioned, "The Skye Boat Song" about Bonnie Prince Charlie's escape to the Isle of Skye with the help of Flora Macdonald after the Battle of Culloden. Interesting tie-in, don't you think? There are some alternate lyrics that start out "Sing me a song of a lad that is gone, Say could that lad be I." My guess is that Bear McCreary connected that to a certain disappearing lass and ran with it!

Anonymous said...

The lyrics are from a famous poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, one sung to the Skye Boat Song tune. I think it really captures a sense of a lack of identity that the main character must face...

sturgesl said...

Hello - does anyone know if the very last scene of them on the black horse riding through the grass - if it is actually in any of the episodes? I have watched them all but cannot place it and am just curious! Most of the other clips I can place ( but not all for ex. the radio volume knob does not seem to be in an episode???) thank you

Unknown said...

I am searching for radio arm change significance. Just the time period?

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