#OutlanderCountdown on Twitter July 10th

The Outlander Ambassadors fan site is coordinating an #OutlanderCountdown Twitter campaign on Thursday, July 10, to stir up interest in the OUTLANDER TV series and hopefully get the attention of the TV network executives in countries outside the US, Canada, and Australia and persuade them to carry the series.

From the announcement:
We have two goals this time:

To spark interest in people who are not yet aware of Outlander, causing them to seek more information and subscribe to Starz/Showcase/SoHo.

To continue to stress to networks in Outlander-orphan countries that fans will watch and support the show.
If you're on Twitter, please tag your tweets with #OutlanderCountdown on Thursday, July 10, from 4-6 pm ET (1-3 pm PT, 9-11 pm in the UK).  Let's see if we can get it trending!

Please help spread the word to any other OUTLANDER fans you may know. Thanks!

For more information about the OUTLANDER TV series, see my FAQ page here.

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