Easton Press special edition of OUTLANDER!

Easton Press is offering a special leather-bound hardcover edition of OUTLANDER, signed by Diana Gabaldon!

Very cool! I just wish the site included a photo of the actual book, not just the page with Diana's photo and signature on it, so we can see what the cover looks like. Personally I wouldn't pay $89 for a book, even a "fine leather-bound" edition of OUTLANDER, without at least a chance to see what I'd be getting. (But that's just me. <g>)

(UPDATE 9/25/2014 6:42 am: The photo above comes from @BarbaraJIrvine, on Twitter.)

I have no further details. I don't know how long this special edition will be available, how many copies were printed, or whether they will ship outside the US. But I will update this post if I find out more.


Phelisha said...

It's beautiful! I want one. I have quite an Easton Press Collection. So cool that this was added!

Anonymous said...

We have many Easton Press books in our library but we chose to build our collection from their beautiful editions of classic literature, even though they have more modern books. I simply couldn't justify spending the money on something less than a timeless classic. All of our contemporary books are in average, everyday book store bindings. So, until now, one half of the room was filled with these gorgeous books fit for a castle and the other half would have looked at home anywhere. My husband surprised me with this beautiful edition of Outlander. It is a joy to read and so much more gratifying than a digital version. When I'm not reading it, it is proudly displayed among my classics collection. Perhaps, it will be a timeless classic too one day.

Unknown said...

I own the book and it is beautiful!

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