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Here are the results of the August poll, which asked the question, "Would you go through the stones, if you could?"
  • 34.31% - Of course, if Jamie Fraser was waiting for me!
  • 19.51% - Maybe for a short visit, but not to live there permanently.
  • 13.38% - Yes! I'd love to see the 18th century.
  • 8.01% - Yes, but I'd have to bring some essential items with me.
  • 5.61% - No. I like reading about it, but I have no desire to time-travel myself.
  • 5.51% - No, I couldn't leave my family and friends here.
  • 3.35% - No, I'd miss the conveniences of modern life too much.
  • 3.30% - No, I wouldn't survive in an earlier time.
  • 1.93% - No, it took a lot of hard work to live in the 18th century.
  • 1.70% - I'm not sure.
  • 0.85% - I don't believe time-travel is possible.
  • 0.28% - No, it sounds too dangerous.
  • 2.26% - Other
Here are the responses for "Other":
  • Yes if I could bring my family and soap and herb guide
  • I'm much too assertive to be able to blend in an earlier time !
  • Yes, if a return trip was possible.
  • yes--i'd love to see my fathers home and my heritage. my father was James Fraser
  • I am far too accustomed to AC and indoor plumbing; I'd never make it.
  • no, times were rough for black folk, we're barely making it in 2014!
  • Only if I could go forward!
  • Yes, but only if I can go to American 1890's
  • Yes, but only if I could bring a friend!
  • I would love to but am on medication I can not live without.
  • scotland fascinates me
  • No. My love is here. :>)
  • No, what would they do with a deaf person?
  • Yes, but I'd prefer if my husband could travel in time with me.
  • No being burnt at the stake does not thrill me
  • I would if I could go back and forth easily
  • no. I am finally going to be a grandmother and don't want to miss the baby!
  • Only if my son could go with me!
  • Yes but I'd have to bring my glasses.
  • Is young Ian on the other side?
  • If I were 40 yrs younger, I'd be bullet - proof. So yes, I'd go.
  • No, due to my astigmatisim/nearsightedness, I would not be able to see anything.
  • I'd go, but I wouldn't survive!
  • yes, bringing medicines with me, and only if I could come back1
  • Only if I could take all my Outlander books with me
  • yes, no hesitation
  • Yes to meet Jamie and Claire and come right back.
  • if all my family could come
  • medication I need to survive wasn't available back then...
  • I'm black, wish I could but it'd be a terrible idea.
  • I am to old for that period of time.
  • If I get to choose when.
  • can i take my dentist?
  • Yes, if my kidney transplant would continue without the meds:(
  • I am too old for all that adventure and horse riding!
  • I'd love to, but I really consider 65 too old for that kind of change
  • Only if I were Claire
  • Only If I could choose the time period and go back & forth at will without harm
  • Only in my mind when reading about it, I am when and where I belong.
  • I'd like to, I'd be burned as a witch to outspoken
  • Only if my husband was there waiting for me !
  • I'll go wherever I'm needed.
  • YES! But I would bring my family. All 3 of my men would fit in just fine!
  • Absolutey - If my kids were grown!
  • Yes, but 1890 in America!
  • Yes, if I could visit each of the periods I love and come back each time.
  • Yes - if I was sure I could get back.
  • If my husband was on the other side.
There were 2122 responses to this poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated!

Please take a moment to vote in the September poll, which is all about visiting Scotland.

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