Diana Gabaldon's comments on Episode 109

Diana Gabaldon made some very interesting comments today on Compuserve about a controversial scene in Episode 109 ("The Reckoning") of the OUTLANDER TV series. (No, this has nothing to do with the infamous "spanking" scene!)


There are SPOILERS below! If you don't want to know yet, stop reading now.









I've seen comments from a lot of fans who really disliked the scene with Jamie and Laoghaire by the river. While I personally didn't have a problem with it (because Jamie resisted the temptation and didn't actually kiss Laoghaire), to my surprise it's become one of the most controversial parts of that episode.

Diana Gabaldon posted a detailed explanation on Compuserve here, and I would really urge you to take the time to read what she has to say. My reaction on reading her comments was that I really hope we get to see the longer version of this scene on the Blu-ray of the second half of Season 1, eventually!


Anonymous said...

This would have made it clear that Jamie definitely told Leery that he was happy with his marriage to Claire and had absolutely nothing to offer to Leery. If they had included these ten seconds of dialogue it would have made a world of difference to many who object to the way it is shown now. What a shame they didn't leave those ten seconds in.

Unknown said...

Interesting to here Diana's point of view, but I didn't like it myself. I kept thinking it was out of character for Jamie.

DeniseSF said...

Diana tweeted her reaction to my blog post 'Boobgate' on Parcas Chosen blog, and just said she didnt agree with my comparing 'boobs=penises' and thinking they were equal in their sexual value. I obviously don't agree but was thrilled that she chose to read my blog (again) and comment at all! Debating is half the fun of blogs and respectful discourse with such a great writer is a pure delight! *and still, I think Book Jamie is a much better man than TV Jamie...

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting this; I was quite glad to read Diana's comments and the whole thing makes much more sense now. Editing can be tough! And as a book reader for over 20 years, I know I have ingrained ideas about these characters. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Where is Diana's comment?

Unknown said...

I find it interesting that the river scene is what was concerning people. hello? Jamie has always been attracted to Laoghaire and even without the entered scene dialogue, didn't everyone notice that the shot of Jamie's hand on the offered breast is flat as a freaking pancake? I would have loved to been behind the camera on that take (Sam, using only your right hand, try to emote all the "I'm not touching your boob" you can.)

I'm more interested how Jamie resolves his suspicion that Laoghaire is behind the illwish. Because in the book it's sort of glossed over whereas the episode makes Jamie out to be seriously pissed off. unless it's explained how Jamie later decides it's not a big deal, there will be some pretty righteous Sassenach anger coming Jamie's way in season three.

Anonymous said...

To quote Denise Sevier-Fries: Book Jamie is a much better man than TV Jamie. If TV Jamie reacts like a regular Joe, then there is nothing spectacular or different or worthwhile about him.

Anonymous said...

What I didn't like it gives the impression that Jamie had wanted a deeper relationship with Leery, Reading the book I never got that impression. Your thoughts?

brigit said...

Laoghaire says she's never been with anyone. She was involved with a married man. That's why her father wanted her punished at the gathering.

Lizzy Wednesday said...

brigit - Yes, and no. Her father wanted her punished for "loose behavior" which includes anything up to and including The Deed.

I'm gonna guess whatever she was doing that got her called out in Hall could be qualified as "heavy petting" ... while the affair with the married man could have come at any time after the river confrontation. SPOILER ALERT FOR NON-BOOK PEOPLE: In ECHO, Laoghaire reveals to Jamie (when he rides out to confront her at Balriggan following Joan's appeal for her dowry as partial payment for admission to the nunnery) that she *did* give up the goods with a married man, but only AFTER Jamie & Claire had returned to Leoch as a married couple - but this would have occurred after Jamie had spoken with her. Running off the way she did from the riverbank scene could very well have led to whatever tacksman's bed she ended up in! (Before his ring errand.)

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