Get ready for a double birthday celebration!

As many of you know, Sam Heughan and Jamie Fraser both have birthdays coming up next week! Sam will turn 35 on Thursday, April 30, and James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser will turn 294 (believe it or not!) on Friday, May 1.

I thought it would be fun to have a double birthday celebration on Twitter this year. Here's how it will work:

Thursday, April 30 (Sam Heughan's Birthday): Please tag your tweets with #Dram4Sam from 7pm - 9pm in your local time zone on Thursday.

The #Dram4Sam campaign was started by fans last year. Please join us in raising a toast to Sam Heughan on his birthday on Thursday! If you wish, you can make a donation to Youth Theatre Arts Scotland (YTAS), one of Sam's favorite charities, in honor of the occasion. But that's totally up to you.

Friday, May 1 (Jamie Fraser's Birthday): Please tag your tweets with #HappyBDayJamie from 7pm - 9pm in your local time zone on Friday.

We've used the hashtag #HappyBDayJamie‬ to celebrate Jamie's birthday on Twitter for the past five years. It's always a lot of fun. Things are Very Different now, of course, and I hope we'll get a lot more people to participate!  (STARZ was kind enough to send me the image above. Feel free to share it!)

We'll get the fans Down Under to start things off on both days, and then send these hashtags around the world!

If you're not on Twitter, there will still be lots of ways to celebrate! Many OUTLANDER fan-sites and Facebook groups will be taking part in the festivities. <g>

Hope you'll join us on Thursday and Friday for this double birthday celebration! Please spread the word to anyone else you know who may be interested. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Hi Karen, For the last 6ish weeks I've been doing stats on Sam's TW Followers & on the 20th of April I predicted the count would be 140,970 by his 35th birthday. I challenged others to take a guess too, but only Rebs agreed to RT (I don't have many Followers) & I got no responses. This exercise was part of my MPC=mental exercises to help recover from chemo treatment brain fog. Any thoughts on how to at least draw attention to this increase in that short time is over 20K Followers (really for Jamie too), far more than for any other short time frame in sam's TW account Big surge seemed to begin just before the NYC Premier

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to both Sam and Jamie. Both Jamie and I are Taureans .. him 1st May and me 19th May. Must be why I find him sooo lovely hehe :D
Lesley x

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