Ron Moore's Episode 109 podcast now available!

As many of you know, Ronald D. Moore, executive producer of the OUTLANDER TV series, has recorded a series of podcasts containing behind-the-scenes information about the making of each episode.

The podcast for Episode 109: "The Reckoning" is now available, and I enjoyed it very much!  It was really interesting to hear Ron Moore and Matt B. Roberts, the writer on Episode 109, talk about the filming of this episode.

In case you missed them, here are the links to the earlier podcasts:

Episode 101: "Sassenach"
Episode 102: "Castle Leoch"
Episode 103: "The Way Out"
Episode 104: "The Gathering"
Episode 105: "Rent"
Episode 106: "The Garrison Commander"
Episode 107: "The Wedding"
Episode 108: "Both Sides Now"

You can also download them from iTunes.

There will be a podcast for each of the upcoming episodes, so check back each week for more!

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Fabienne said...

Just a heads up that podcast nr 4 can not be downloaded as "the file is not found". I encountered that problem already on the Starz site.

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