November poll results

Here are the results of the November poll. The question was "What was your biggest surprise or shock in AN ECHO IN THE BONE?" There are some major spoilers in these poll questions, so I'll leave some spoiler space below, for those of you who have not yet finished the book.

Please take a moment to vote in the December poll, which is about something a little more fun: FOOD! <g> (In keeping with the holiday spirit and all....)









What was your biggest surprise or shock in AN ECHO IN THE BONE?

  • 42.7% - Claire having sex with Lord John
  • 29.4% - William Buccleigh MacKenzie's reappearance
  • 8.8% - Claire marrying Lord John
  • 8.8% - Jem in the tunnel
  • 4.4% - Mrs. Bug's death
  • 1.5% - Death of Ian Sr.
  • 1.5% - Ian falling in love with Rachel
  • 0.7% - William finding out the truth of his paternity
  • 2.2% - Other

For me, there's absolutely no doubt, the Claire-Lord John sex scene was by far the biggest shock in ECHO. (And I am not likely ever to forget it. When I met Diana in Columbia, MD, in September, she signed my copy of ECHO with the inscription, "To Karen, who survived the shock." And it was this particular shock that she was referring to.)

I agree that the appearance of "Buck" at the end of Chapter 70 deserves second place in this poll. That particular plot twist left me stunned.

I was a little surprised to see Ian's death ranked so low in this poll, but I may not have worded the question exactly right. The shock was more in learning that he was dying, and coming to terms with that; by the time Ian actually dies, we as readers have had some time to get used to the idea.

There were 136 votes in this month's poll. Thanks to all of you who participated!


Laura's Reviews said...

I love your polls!

Karen Henry said...


Glad to hear it! I hope people have fun with this month's poll.


Anonymous said...

After that list, doesn't it make you wonder what the "Other 2.2%" were surprised by? :)


Anonymous said...

As someone who loves to cook as much as I love to eat, I've always appreciated Diana's attention to food in the books. So, great idea, Karen, for a favorite food poll...for me, it's a toss-up between the trout rolled in cornmeal and fried in Drums, the Mueller's dumplings and buttered eggs in Drums, the steak and onion bridie in Drums or the cassoulet in DIA. I suppose my "other" vote will have to be for the dumplings and buttered eggs since I'm a sucker for dumplings.
However, let's not forget the buttered eels and stuffed baby birds in DIA, the spoonbread in Drums or the creamed crud in ABOSAA!

Karen Henry said...


Where were you when I was trying to think up choices for this month's poll?!? Just kidding, of course, but you've mentioned a lot of things that I forgot, and now wish I'd thought to include.

I'm glad you enjoyed the poll, anyway. :-)


Anonymous said...


Oh, I have more!:) I've been on the Compuserve Forum, by the way (pssst! Vicki Pack), never having visited your blog until yesterday. I didn't know what I was missing! I love what you've done here-chock full of informaton!

Karen Henry said...

Hi Vicki! It's good to see you over here. Glad you're enjoying my blog. And please feel free to comment as much as you like; just remember to sign your name so I'll know it's you. :-)


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