March poll results

Here are the results of the March poll, which asked the question, "What are you doing to pass the time until the OUTLANDER TV series resumes?"
  • 28.02% - Reading (or re-reading) Diana Gabaldon's books.
  • 8.88% - Watching the first 8 episodes again.
  • 7.05% - Devouring any information I can find (trailers, photos, interviews, etc.) about the TV series.
  • 4.21% - Listening to the OUTLANDER audiobooks.
  • 3.11% - Reading books by other authors.
  • 3.02% - Trying to get other people to read the books or watch the TV series.
  • 2.84% - Following various OUTLANDER fan-sites, including Outlandish Observations.
  • 1.56% - Pursuing other hobbies or interests not related to OUTLANDER.
  • 1.28% - Focusing on family, work, or other commitments.
  • 0.82% - Hanging out on Diana Gabaldon's Facebook page or Compuserve.
  • 36.54% - All of the above.
  • 2.66% - Other
Here are the responses for "Other":
  • watching the 1st 8 again, re-reading the books, listening to Ron's podcast
  • watching supernatural
  • coming to visit Scotland this summer
  • Almost all of the above.
  • I don't watch the series
  • Re-reading Diana's books &watching 1st epis again
  • crying softly to myself and overeating ;)
  • wishing for a montage of J and C 'hand forplay'
  • Folling various fan sites and reading books by other authors.
  • Reading about Scottish history
  • watching the first8 and reading the books
  • ordered DVD set; can finally see 1-8!
  • waiting for my local library to send me the DVD. Today I am on hold at number 14
  • Watching Episode 7 daily and rereading books
  • I'm in the UK so haven't seen the first part yet.
  • havnt seen outlander tv but reading other books
  • All of the above except listening to audiobooks
  • Writing my Outlander blog :)
  • #1, #2, #4, #6, #8 from above list
  • In th UK so waiting for it to start...
  • Just waiting for the DVDs - I'm in the UK
  • Not interested in seeing the series, books are enough for me.
  • Selections 5 and 6
  • Don't have STARZ, so not watching the series or waiting for it.
  • I'm doing pretty much all of these!
  • Most of the above.
  • most of the above
  • Knitting things suggested by the Outlander Pattern Central group on Facebook!
  • Haven't seen the TV series. Will wait for DVD
There were 1092 responses to this month's poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated!

Please take a moment to vote in the April poll, which is all about getting other people to read the OUTLANDER books or watch the TV series. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

"Not interested in seeing the series, books are enough for me."

You have NO IDEA what you're missing!

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