Have you tried to get others to read the OUTLANDER books or watch the TV series?

Diana Gabaldon often says that these are "word-of-mouth books, because they're too weird to describe to anybody." This month's poll asks the question, "Have you tried to get other people to read the OUTLANDER books or watch the TV series?" Please take a moment to vote.

I got my sister addicted to the books a few years ago, and I certainly have done my bit as an "OUTLANDER ambassador", helping to spread the word about the series in all its various forms. Here I am in 2010, on my first visit to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in NC, with a handmade OUTLANDER sign.

What about the rest of you? If you've had some success with getting people hooked on OUTLANDER (books, TV show, or both), please leave a comment here or on my Outlandish Observations Facebook page, and tell us about it.


Unknown said...

I got one of my good friends into it and she is know on the 4th book and we are watching the 1st season to get her caught up before next week.

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , I'm the only person who loves the "Outlander" series , both TV show and books , when I first started reading the series , I gave a copy of "Outlander " to my cousin who was going on a trip to London hoping that she would love it too , but didn't work. I also tried to get my mother & aunt to read the books , but again nothing , my mother loves mysteries and detective shows and my aunt loves , "Downton Abbey' , which I like too and anything on PBS, so I'm afraid I'm along in my love for Outlander, please post more soon, can' wait until next Saturday Night.. Sincerely Yours. Mary Tormey.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading these since I was 14 and have convinced 4 of my close friends (and quite a few others) to read this amazing series. They, in turn, have become Outlander ambassadors. I have even offered to reimburse people if they did not like the book. No one has ever collected!

Alison S said...

In 2020 during our strict lockdown in Melbourne Australia, I watched the TV series on Netflix. After watching the first 4 seasons, I convinced my husband he would like it which he did. On his own, he decided to read the books. I had already started reading the books by this stage and was up to Fiery Cross and so was secretly pleased he was interested but didn’t think he’d get beyond Outlander. He has now read all 8 books. He is the only person I have been able to convince to read the books although some of my friends have watched the TV series. I have been very frustrated at not being able to share observations, have discussions and be part of an “Outlander Community”.
I really value having found this blog now and appreciate the chance to read all the past posts and comments.
Thank you,
Alison S

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