Thursday Thirteen

Thursday 13 Books

Here are 13 of my favorite minor characters from Diana Gabaldon's books (in no particular order):

1) Mrs. Bug. She always made me laugh. And what happened to her in ECHO was the first of many things I definitely did NOT see coming in that book!

2) Tom Byrd. I love the chemistry between him and Lord John.

3) Lizzie. I love watching her transformation from a scared young girl, so shy she almost couldn't talk, to the self-confident young woman we see in ABOSAA and ECHO.

4) Rachel Hunter. One of my favorite new characters in ECHO, and a remarkable young woman -- intelligent, insightful, and she even gets along well with Rollo! A perfect match for Ian. <g>

5) Master Raymond. An intriguing character, and very mysterious. I hope we see him again in Book Eight.

6) The White Sow. I love watching her antics. She's definitely a scene-stealer, especially in ABOSAA.

7) Tom Christie. I think he's one of those characters who gains more depth on re-reading. I didn't like him much at first, but his sacrifice for Claire in ABOSAA took my breath away.

8) Rob Cameron. I knew he was trouble, almost from the moment he appeared in ECHO. But definitely a memorable character!

9) Laoghaire. Whatever you feel about her, you can't deny that she's had a major influence on the course of the series!

10) Frank Randall. I know a lot of people disagree with this, but in my opinion Frank was an honorable man who got thrown into an impossible situation after Claire came back, and did the best he could with it.

11) Ian the Elder. How lucky Jamie is, to have had such a friend. "Guarding your weak side", indeed.

12) Geillis Duncan. Say what you want about her. Without Geillis, we wouldn't have Roger, or Jemmy, or Mandy, and we wouldn't know anything about the use of gemstones for time-traveling.

13) Geneva Dunsany. For a character who appears so briefly, she really had an enormous impact on the series as a whole.

What about the rest of you? Do you have a favorite "supporting character" or two? And what is it that makes them memorable? (If you want to cite examples from ECHO, please go right ahead.)


Aven said...

Murtagh was one of my favorites. I cry every time he offers his life to Jamie after the attack in Paris, and again when he brings the Dukes head in a bag.

Karen Henry said...


I am not a big Murtagh fan myself, but I know that a lot of people like him. It will be interesting to see the OUTLANDER graphic novel next year, told mainly from Murtagh's point of view.


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